What we do?

The Eco-Boats: The easiest to drive​

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the canals of Empuriabrava in an eco-friendly way.

You will navigate along a clear and easy-to-follow route. Our team will explain everything you need to know!

For one hour, you will experience an unforgettable adventure, where you can take control of a boat on the central canal of Empuriabrava, with no noise or gasoline odors.

Our boats sail emission-free, respecting the environment, providing you with a relaxing ride at a speed of 3 knots

With GPS Alarm system

All our boats are equipped with a geolocation system. This means that if you deviate from the route, the boat will alert you with an audible alert.

With this system, it’s virtually impossible to get lost.

As a special feature, we have added QR codes to all our boats. Scan them with your smartphone, and you will get your real-time location. This will allow you to know your exact position on the canal at all times

Sail with the whole family​

Visit the canals with the whole family. We have boats with a capacity of up to 7 seats.

Free for Children: Remember that with us, children don’t pay. From 16 years old, the adult rate applies.

Pet-Friendly: Additionally, you can bring your pet. At Eco-Boats, we allow their company on board.


Our boats are incredibly easy to handle. So simple that they are practically automatic.

On the boat, you will find a steering wheel much like a car’s, and nearby, a lever with only 3 positions: forward, reverse, and neutral (to stop the boat).

No need to worry about speeds, as they are limited to 3 knots. Thanks to the GPS system, navigating the canals is child’s play.

Our team will explain everything you need to know to enjoy the marina safely

Navigation Rules

The maximum speed is 3 knots (approximately 5.5 km/h).

Swimming in the canals is strictly forbidden, and it is also very dangerous.

Unlicensed boats must yield the right of way to other vessels, as they do not have priority.

Night navigation is not allowed on no-license boats.

In case of overtaking, it should be done on the left.

Eco-Boats Rules

Only adults, aged 18 and older, can take command of the vessel; children are not allowed to drive.

Forbidden alcoholic drinks 

Smoking on board is not allowed.

The boat cannot be moored or disembarked at any time.

The canals adjacent to the central canal are private, and access is not allowed. A sound alarm will be triggered if the vessel attempts to access the main canal.

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